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Poetry Collection, 72 pages
Cover Images © R L Raymond
Epic Rites Press, 2012

Praise for Half Myths & Quarter Legends, Epic Rites Press, 2012


R L Raymond

Despite its gloomy gargoyle cover, Half Myths & Quarter Legends is not a book of horror, nor is it cemented in shrouds of black. It’s more a case of reality refusing to disappear – the avoidance and denial of such gaining no traction with this author, nor are there flowery, superfluous words masking what Raymond won’t allow to stay entombed within our subconscious. FULL REVIEW.

- Andreas Gripp

R L Raymond's Half Myths & Quarter Legends is a collection of poems that will destroy your preconceptions of how stories are told and redefine what visceral literature is. Raymond wields words like brass knuckles and comes out swinging; aiming to drop jaws, steal heartbeats, and leave you gasping for more.

- Lawrence Gladeview

In Half Myths & Quarter Legends, Raymond draws upon all five senses to explore unsettling situations, real and imagined, to create an atmosphere of horror - where the threat of being ripped asunder by sharp teeth becomes as terrifying as the act itself. Half Myths & Quarter Legends will tease your psyche in the way that scary movies frighten children. Don't be surprised if this new work by R L Raymond has you looking under your bed before you turn out the lights.
- Wolf Carstens 

There is an unflinching mystery and understatedness about Raymond’s writing which is difficult to nail down but which is also highly appealing. FULL REVIEW.

- George Anderson

Beautiful, cerebral. The sort of poetry that simmers long before you can fully appreciate its essence, and once it does, your patience is generously rewarded.

- Chaucer's Biblio Pub

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