R L Raymond

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Poetry Collection, 49 pages
Cover Images © R L Raymond
PigeonBike Press, 2011

Sonofabitch Poems is powerful, tender, compelling, tough-minded. A roiling book. 
- Penn Kemp


Let it be said that these poems are like Paul Kersey, Charles Bronson’s character in the 1974 movie DEATH WISH. Pushed to the brink, with nothing seemingly left to lose, these poems lay it all down on the line with originality, perception and depth. Is Raymond trying to impress his reader? Not in the least. And that, my friends, is what impresses most... Buy this book and wrap yourself up in it. Buy this book and experience characters like Lucky Luke, drunks and stupid tourists. Buy this book and enjoy the vision of noir that Raymond presents to you. Buy this book and forget that there were ever words like safe, normal and common. This is poetry at its uncommon best. 
- John Yamrus

The beauty of the poems lies in the scattered, often shotgun detail that R.L. Raymond provides the reader. On first reading you understand the essence of most poems, but because the author has deliberately withheld crucial information, or has incorporated ambiguities, he denies us a precise reading. It’s up to the reader therefore to fill in the gaps based on their past experiences to make better sense of the poem. The poet therefore becomes involved in the composer’s process of creation. 
- George Anderson


Sonofabitch Poems is an accessible read. Share it with bikers, brawlers, and beer drinkers, because they’ll understand, but don’t stop there, this is good poetry. It drags a gnarled claw across the foolish hopeful reality some of us live in. Bring your white bread poet friends and professors along too, it will do them good. 
- Devin McGuire

Content © R L Raymond, Canada, 2016

Praise for Sonofabitch Poems, PigeonBike Press, 2011


What impresses me most of all is the unified vision of the book, from the dynamic exterior created by Raymond, to the Impressionist poems that comprise the collection... Raymond writes poems like novels – if novels were lives that could be smashed against a wall in anger and pieced back together in the morning. 
- Wolf Carstens